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Archive for the ‘Clayton’ Category

In deep discussion

Posted by laurie on June 26, 2014


I think this was this a caption contest photo with Clayton talking to “Grasshopper.” Shall we try it again?

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Sirens in the distance

Posted by laurie on June 17, 2014


Move along, there’s nothing to see here.

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Rock star

Posted by laurie on June 6, 2014


When I think of Clayton, I usually think of him as being 16. But look how young he was here. He almost looks like an athlete!

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Posted by laurie on May 30, 2014


Such good sports!

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Look into my eyes

Posted by laurie on May 27, 2014


Ugh, back to work after a long weekend. Maybe Clayton can cheer you up.

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Posted by laurie on May 22, 2014


Because it’s the law.

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Posted by laurie on May 20, 2014


“I don’t know.”

“Neither do I.”

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Posted by laurie on May 15, 2014


I think this is a pretty succinct summary of these guys’ personalities, don’t you agree?

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Posted by laurie on May 9, 2014


There are high tension wires across part of our back woods. Every couple of years the electric company trims the trees underneath. This year they clear cut them and to be honest, I’m afraid of going out there to look.

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Beautiful music

Posted by laurie on May 8, 2014


This is from the same “roll” as Tuesday’s photos. Look at that young man I married!

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