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Posted by laurie on June 4, 2014

Bode collage

Kaye writes:

“I had mentioned in the comments section of a post last week (week before?) that Bode was fighting prostate cancer. He unexpectedly left us on Friday morning
We’re grateful that he went with what I believe was some discomfort but no significant pain. I’m not sure the same can be said for us – it’s unbelievable how difficult it is to lose these guys. We’re making the adjustment to quiet dinners, an uncrowded bed, and a couch that doesn’t require covering the beagle with his blanket when you sit down (the couch also isn’t covered in hair, even though you just cleaned it off this morning). Even though these sound like annoyances, of course I would take them all back in a heartbeat if I could.”

Rest in peace, Bode.

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Lady and Huck

Posted by laurie on June 2, 2014


Hey everyone, it’s Susan from DE! We had an SOS Rescue beaglefest on Saturday and she and Lady made the drive up from Delaware. Lady is a petite sweetheart and here of course she’s doing what she does best.

We had about 60 people and 40+ dogs. Sherman and Stanely are pooped!


And Emily writes: “The next generation arrived — Hucknall. All beagle, part termite, growth properties of wild weeds, and needs a new cardboard box.”

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Posted by laurie on February 14, 2014


Laura writes:

This is Mocha, she is a two year old beagle mix. She was part of a litter whose mommy was killed when they were 1 day old. Good Samaritans tried to help but sadly all puppies but Mocha died. She lived in a vets hospital for the first 6 months of her life. She is still very skittish but has got snuggling down to a science 🙂

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Barney, Jodi and Huggy

Posted by laurie on February 12, 2014


Sue writes:

Jodi (left) is on the picnic table watching for squirrels…surveying the back fence line. Barney sitting in the kitchen, his favorite spot.


Huggy is also watching for squirrels…it’s their favorite vantage point.

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Henry and Cody

Posted by laurie on February 10, 2014



Luana writes:

We have been having such horrible weather here in Wisconsin. Either it’s bitter cold, or we’re having snow (and sometimes ice!) Today is very windy and cloudy, and the temp is about 12 degrees F. The boys have been outside twice this morning, and both times they came back in about two minutes later. Right now Cody (bottom) is cuddled on the living room sofa, head on the pillow. Henry usually prefers sleeping on one of the two doggie beds they got for Christmas. They can both hardly wait for spring, when we can start going to the doggie park again on weekends!

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Ferris & Jack, Olive and Millie

Posted by laurie on February 4, 2014


Kim writes:

This is Ferris on the left, Jack on the right. They are holding fast attention to the hot dog my husband is holding just out of the picture. We adopted Ferris almost 4 years ago along with Maxine(1995-09/17/2011) Jack rescued us June 14, 2012. All are Seattle Beagle Rescue Alumni.


Lauren writes:

Olive (on the right in the first picture) is a 3 year old SOS Beagle alum, while 5 year old Millie came from a rescue group called Cattitudes. They’re tiny beagle girls, tipping the scales at 12 and 15 lbs. respectively. Olive is a bit of a tomboy while Millie is more of a regal beagle. In the first picture they’re posing for a Christmas portrait (with the help of some off-camera treats) and in the second they’re curling up for a nap together.


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Lily, Oscar & Spencer

Posted by laurie on January 30, 2014


Maureen writes:

This is my favorite picture of Lily. She is about 3 months old (now 6 years) and did not like wearing her big brother’s collar. She must have known how big those paws would be to fill—and she is doing a great job in her own way!


Donna writes:

One rainy Sunday we walked to Starbucks and had coffee and fruit. Oscar & Spencer were perfect gentlemen and waited patiently for their fruit. Of course once the top of the fruit cup came off they weren’t so gentlemanly.

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Gomez, Lily and Mr. Peabody

Posted by laurie on January 28, 2014


Cathy writes:

Left to right: Mr. Peabody who is still a bit dubious about photography, Lily looking (as always) toward the kitchen, and Gomez, wishing the lights on that iPhone thing would stop flashing.


Gomez is looking pretty happy to be out of his 12-week confinement after his second knee surgery. The crate is still there, but he’s free at last to move around!


Mr. Peabody is very closely watching some beef-related activity in the kitchen.


Working from home with Lily, who says I’ve missed a connection between the data warehouse and the application database.

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Lady and Josie

Posted by laurie on January 24, 2014


Susan in DE writes:

Pillow Forts

Almost all beagles, if permitted on the furniture, end up with their own style of pillow fort. Jordan would just make a hideaway for comfortable napping. Lady puts up reinforcements, and makes sure she has a clear view out the window, so she can immediately let us know if anyone invades the neighborhood. Josie, on the other hand, doesn’t enjoy people furniture, and much prefers if her comfort is provided in the way of dog beds (the more, the better!).


What’s your beagle’s (or honorary beagle’s) pillow fort style?

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Bailey and Gunner

Posted by laurie on January 23, 2014


Anne writes:

Miss Bailey sneaking some sips from a glass of milk. She goes crazy for milk!


Mr Gunner dreaming beagle dreams. They are both 12.

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