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Posted by laurie on November 26, 2013


Meet Bear, the cocker spaniel who lives next door. His parents had to go to New York overnight and their dog sitter wasn’t available, so he came over here. Stanley freaked at first, then got used to him. Sherman could live with twelve other dogs and not mind it. Bear really wanted to mark, so he had a little crate time.


Ironically, the dog that woke me up three times last night was Sherman. He often goes downstairs at night and will start to howl for no apparent reason. Well, there’s probably a reason, and it better be a good one.

I’ll be back here next Monday. Happy Thanksgiving and remember, dark turkey and skin aren’t good for dogs!

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Posted by laurie on November 25, 2013


Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I spent part of the day at the funeral of Aunt Nancy’s father. Never did get the massage but had a nice dinner out followed by some decadent Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. On both Friday and Saturday we hung pictures on the wall. That set of three are my photos. That guy’s my husband.


I’m going to take a DD vacation this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I have to make four pies and pumpkin bread.


We’re having Thanksgiving at our niece’s house in Connecticut. Nineteen adults, 5 kids under 2-years old plus a whole bunch of dogs. I’d better remember to take my camera.

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Nov 22

Posted by laurie on November 22, 2013


My birthday is on the day Kennedy was assassinated. What a claim to fame, huh? I began it by running for 54 minutes. I might get a massage, and we’re going out for dinner with Cathy and Judy. Looking forward to the day!

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A haiku for your Thursday

Posted by laurie on November 21, 2013


If you take enough


doggy shots, you are bound to


capture some big yawns.

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The Supervisor

Posted by laurie on November 20, 2013


I love my new walls! They look like they’re covered in suede. The hallway, kitchen and living room all flow together nicely. Tony said the boys were well-behaved and they didn’t dip their ears in any more paint. (Gotta admit, I was kind of hoping they would — how cute would that have been?)

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Pretty please

Posted by laurie on November 19, 2013


Ah, salad time!


I once taught Clayton to “shake” for a treat and it really stuck in his mind because whenever someone would hold food he’d lift that paw right off the ground. Adorable!

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Take a number

Posted by laurie on November 18, 2013


I was only sick of yellow in the living room. I love the new yellow kitchen. And check out that sign! We bought it from the local antique store. It’s the “PK” that did it.


Meanwhile on the outside, Phillip has agreed to hire someone to do the leaves this year. Hip hip hooray!

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Stanley Van Gogh

Posted by laurie on November 15, 2013


The painting is more than halfway done, and Stanley has only managed to get a little bit of trim paint on his ear. I’ve changed colors several times and bought 6 different sample pints. Anyone need a little paint?

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Beep beep

Posted by laurie on November 14, 2013


Whenever I left Clayton in the car for a few minutes, I’d always come back to find him in the driver’s seat. He was so adorable.


This was a caption contest photo – I wonder if Susan from DE and her prolific memory can tell us what the caption was?

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Don’t worry

Posted by laurie on November 13, 2013


I only have 6 minutes until 8:30 to finish this post. That is when my sister will send an email to check up on me. Because that’s what big sisters do.

Look! Stanley finally allowed Sherman in the $15 impulse buy doggy bed!

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