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The Supervisor

Posted by laurie on November 20, 2013


I love my new walls! They look like they’re covered in suede. The hallway, kitchen and living room all flow together nicely. Tony said the boys were well-behaved and they didn’t dip their ears in any more paint. (Gotta admit, I was kind of hoping they would — how cute would that have been?)

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Take a number

Posted by laurie on November 18, 2013


I was only sick of yellow in the living room. I love the new yellow kitchen. And check out that sign! We bought it from the local antique store. It’s the “PK” that did it.


Meanwhile on the outside, Phillip has agreed to hire someone to do the leaves this year. Hip hip hooray!

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Septic day, part 2

Posted by laurie on June 26, 2013


A teeny bit deeper, don’t you think?


Here, let me help. Could you please move a little?


I see Las Vegas! Hellooooooooooooo!



(Thanks to Phillip for taking all these photos.)

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Power to the Kramers!

Posted by laurie on November 8, 2012

Phillip took this picture yesterday morning. He was never so glad to see an electric company truck. And when I got home yesterday afternoon I was never so glad to throw a load of laundry in the washing machine.

Last night brought a Nor’Easter. Did you know they are naming winter storms now? This one is Athena, who, according to Wikipedia is the “goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.” And ladders and beagles.

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Still no power…

Posted by laurie on November 5, 2012

At night we sleep on the Aerobed with the fireplace running (Phillip feeds it several times each night). With the tarps keeping in the heat it was in the 60s. Toasty warm, comparatively speaking. Audrey posted yesterday (#19) that her power was finally restored, and that without a generator or fireplace the house got to as low as 48 degrees. Brrrr!

The boys enjoy the down comforter during the day.

And Phillip and I enjoy dressing up Mr. Pillow Man.

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Friday report

Posted by laurie on November 2, 2012

This was all the damage to the house! On the night of the hurricane we heard awful sounds coming from the roof and feared that a solar panel or two were rolling around. Turns out it only this piece of flashing!

We use the generator for only about four or five hours a day, but Phillip feared we might still get low on gas. (There are still wires down on our road so we’re not getting power anytime soon.) This was at one of the less than handful of gas stations open in the area. I got in the “can line” with two 5 gallon cans. It took less than half an hour to go through the line, whereas the “car line” was a two hour wait. Several smart people were filling their cars ups with repeated trips to the can line. I paid my $40 and attempted to pick them up. I could barely lift one. I knew this would happen so I asked the crowd if anyone wanted $10 to carry my cans back to the car. I immediately had a volunteer. People are so nice!

Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy got their power back last night. Usually they are the absolute last house to get power, but had some nice luck yesterday.

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Thursday report

Posted by laurie on November 1, 2012

A quick check-in while we have Internet access – only in the early AM. We continue to be fine, and grateful it wasn’t worse. Yesterday Phillip cordoned off the living room with tarps and with a fire going it is 68 degrees vs. 58 in the kitchen. He is taking good care of me! We brought the Aero-bed downstairs and slept in the living room. The boys like their new dog bed. Thank-you so much for your thoughts and prayers and concerns!

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Hello from generator-land

Posted by laurie on October 31, 2012

We survived the superstorm with minimal damage to the house and only a few trees down (although one of them took down the power line – see below). We have no power, phone or Internet but the generator runs the refrigerator, a handful of lights, the microwave, and the well. Not the heat or hot water, though. The grocery store and Home Depot are open but not Princeton University so I”ve been home for three days. We technically don’t have Internet but as I type I’m using Phillip’s cell phone as a wifi hotspot. This is the first time that has actually worked since the power went out. The boys are fine and so are we, so no worries!

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A quick update

Posted by laurie on October 29, 2012

All is well here, despite incredible winds. The rain hasn’t been particularly strong, but hasn’t stopped, either. We still have power, though I am afraid to say that because it might jinx things. It’s been dark for an hour so it’s hard to see if any damage has been done. Stanley thinks the wind is an intruder, but other than that the boys are doing fine. Hopefully they will go out to pee before bed. Phillip had to usher them out this afternoon. I’ll try for some photos tomorrow. Hang on tight, my fellow East Coasters!

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Waiting for Sandy

Posted by laurie on October 29, 2012

Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy came over for soup last night. It might be a few days before we see them again, as Hurricane Sandy is poised to hit New Jersey. Phillip has spent the better part of two days preparing the house and yard, and getting the generator ready because it will be a miracle if we don’t lose power.

This is the canal, and on the other side of it (past the path where I broke my foot running) is the Millstone River, which in extreme conditions as we’re expecting today, overflows into the canal which in turn overflows onto the road and creeps up the driveway.

This is a view from the top of the driveway. During Hurricane Floyd, the water rose above that fence at the bottom. We are high and dry, there’s nothing to worry about there. Trees falling is a worry, and flooding for thousands of people in the area is a huge concern. Don’t worry about us, and I’ll update when possible.

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