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Double the fun

Posted by laurie on July 31, 2013


Left to right: Stanley, Tootsie, Buttercup and Sherman. Sherm, the gracious host, is trying to open the door to let Uncle Bob in.


The meal was judged by a panel of critics. No critic expressed any criticism, but all agreed that the food should be placed a little bit lower.

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Beach bums

Posted by laurie on July 30, 2013


This might just be my best Photoshop effort. Don’t ask me how I got them all to sit on the bench together, but it couldn’t have been easy.

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Protecting you since 1977

Posted by laurie on July 29, 2013


Camp is in full swing. Tootsie and Buttercup arrived Friday, going home tonight, and then on Tuesday or Wednesday Uncle Bob and Aunt Rita will drop off B. Barney Boo the beagle for about a week. We’ve not yet met him and can’t wait!


Tootsie spent a lot of time out on the Cool-a-roo. She watched me spend a sweaty forty-five minutes yesterday pulling up weeds around the Taj MaPatio. That little thing circled on the right is poison ivy. I know it well and looked for it carefully, and I don’t think that there was any more, but as soon as I saw this I became just a little bit paranoid and finished up with a full body application of Tecnu in the shower. Plus I checked and we have oral Prednisone on hand. So DON’T worry.

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Lily H., T.D., Ph.D. (?), Q.T.P-I-E

Posted by laurie on July 26, 2013


I had lunch with my friend Kate yesterday on campus. The weather was actually cool so we ate outdoors and that meant that Lily could join us. In case you have forgotten, Lily is a malti-poo, and she’s 4-1/2 already, wow.


Lily works three days a week as a pet therapist! Kate takes her to the big new hospital in Princeton and she visits different wards on different days. She enjoys her work and as you can imagine, the patients love her.


I am sooooo jealous!

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We’re huge!

Posted by laurie on July 25, 2013


Pixels be damned, I’m going back to the Nikon CoolPix swivel camera.

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Our Saturday adventure

Posted by laurie on July 24, 2013


Sherman was due for his rabies shot and rather than take him to the vet where I’d have to wait and probably pay excessive amounts of money, I took him to the local pet store which had a vaccination clinic last Saturday. I don’t think I would have brought Stanley there because of all the noise he would have generated. Sherman, on the other hand, was perfectly well-behaved except when he lifted his leg and marked the corner of the check-out counter. I have never seen him mark before and was shocked, but the store people thought nothing of it. Anyway, he met a lot of dogs and he was quite the gentleman.


It turned out that the wait was longer than it probably would have been at the vet. They just didn’t seem to have their act together. We strolled around the store while we waited. I used to bring Clayton here and (with the manager’s permission) let him off the leash to “browse”.


Sherman was a little quicker than Clayton used to be — in fact, as you can see, he was just a blur.

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Pretty please

Posted by laurie on July 23, 2013


Clayton’s only trick was “shake” and he used it with impunity.


He would also “shake” when his meal was being prepared, but that shake was the all-body version.


Eyes on the prize.

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Atop Mt. Dew

Posted by laurie on July 22, 2013


I kid you not, two towns over there is a drive through liquor and beverage store. Not like the Dunkin’ Donuts “drive through” or the MacDonald’s “drive through”, you actually drive through the building. A couple of weeks ago I was near the store so I thought I’d check to see if they carried Phillip’s beverage of choice, Diet Mt. Dew. I was tired of loading up my shopping cart with it each week. Not only did they have Diet Mt. Dew, but it came in pallets of 24, and even better, in plastic bottles rather than cans, which he prefers (a true soda gourmand). I brought home 48 bottles of soda and they were gone in a couple of weeks. Hopefully this should take us well into August, but frankly? I’m not counting on it.

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Posted by laurie on July 19, 2013


I wanted to take pictures of the boys outside but it is so brutally warm here that I refuse to stray from air-conditioning. I took this during dinner last night. There are a few things you can learn from this. First, Stanley’s nails need clipping. Second, I took this with my swivel camera. Without it I would have had to lay down on the floor, and shutter lag didn’t pose a problem because Stan was NOT moving. Third, I need to sweep that floor, how embarrassing.

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Bedroom eyes

Posted by laurie on July 18, 2013


Come hither.


And yon!

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