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I can’t talk with this bed in my mouth

Posted by laurie on October 4, 2013


Stanley didn’t unstuff Holly’s bed until a few days before they left. The rest of the time he could be found like this, her bed on top of his bed with the former in his mouth.

On another topic, drum roll please…I’ve decided to do a 2014 DD calendar. I couldn’t do it without Ron, who prints it for free, so everyone say, “Thanks, Ron!” I’m still in the planning stages so don’t have prices, etc. yet. You’ll be able to enter your special days, as before.

I was searching the comments for “calendar worthy” and found several potential photos, but I would also appreciate any suggestions from you guys. Indicate the date or the url of the post.

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The 2012 DD Calendar

Posted by laurie on November 14, 2011

Finally, the calendar is ready! I’ve increased the price this year from $15 to $17 ($18 non-US) to help with some of the shipping costs. A full $15 per calendar will go to beagle rescue. You can pay through PayPal, which I prefer, or by check. I’ve also set up a form (for purchasers) to enter up to five special days to go on the calendar: birthday, gotcha day, or in memory of day. Please use the form, not email. I’m hoping it will keep me better organized. Let’s make the weekend after Thanksgiving the deadline for the special days, so Ron can get started on the printing after that.

Here’s the web page for the calendar with the special days signup and purchase info. Buy one, buy many, support beagle rescue! And please don’t forget to thank Ron (Bailey and Gypsy’s dad) for donating ALL the printing!

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DD outtake #402

Posted by laurie on November 7, 2011

I’ve been procrastinating on the calendar and would like your help in picking out 13 photos. Actually, twelve because I’ll repeat this month’s photo of Clayton, Spenser and Scooter, which I love so much. Post or email the dates. I have a special days signup almost ready to go and just have to get the PayPal page set up. 2012, here I come!

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The brave snow dogs

Posted by laurie on January 28, 2011

I think this has “January 2012” written all over it, do you agree? I had a lovely day yesterday. I hung around the house, finished a book, took a nap, went outside with the boys, did my Saturday grocery shopping. It amazes me how the roads can be clear and dry just hours after the snow ends. I know that is not the case everywhere and I can’t imagine what this is costing our poor town (pun intended). But I admit it – I love the snow! It’s a winter wonderland!

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Your Monday guests

Posted by laurie on December 6, 2010

I’ve been nagging Ron to send me a photo of Bailey and Gypsy. Another pair of cuties! I love the ticking.

See that long piece of paper? This is the receipt I got from the ATM at the bank (Wachovia) when I gave it a stack of 30 checks to deposit. It scans them, adds them up and prints this receipt with a teeny image of each check. I had almost 60 of your checks and I was only at the ATM for about 10 minutes. Very cool indeed. Even cooler is the amount of money we raised for rescue: over $2700!

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Where’s the Sherm?

Posted by laurie on December 1, 2010

Larry R. emailed me the other day to “mention” that he “noticed” that I had been featuring Stanley a whole lot and where was Sherman? Don’t worry, Larry, Sherman is right here! This must have been during his post-walk snack, because if it was pre-walk, a photograph wouldn’t have been possible. They’re too much in motion.

Glad the calendars are arriving safe and sound! As I mentioned, I ran out of calendars before sending them all out, so a bunch of you will have to be patient. I’m meeting Ron on Thursday to pick up another batch. It’s not too late to order!

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The day after

Posted by laurie on November 26, 2010

I’ve run out of calenders, envelopes, tape and envelopes! I’ll have to ask Ron to print some more, and I’ll have to go to Staples this weekend. That’s about $2500 for beagle rescue. Not bad!

Thanksgiving was great. I have the promised video of Stanley meeting Moses. It was as noisy as we anticipated but Stan calmed down for most of the day. I hope everyone had a good one!

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They’re here!

Posted by laurie on November 23, 2010

Turns out Phillip works only 15 minutes from Ron, so at lunch yesterday he drove over to pick up the calendars. Hi Ron!

I’m going to try to get them ready to ship out next Monday. It’s not too late to order!

P.S. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! That was my sister who revealed the big day in her comment yesterday. I took the day off, went running, had a massage, read on the couch with the boys. A lovely day indeed.

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It’s a wrap!

Posted by laurie on November 15, 2010

I spent most of yesterday working on the calendar and have sent it off to Ron to print! There were quite a lot of special days which I double-checked and hope that there are no mistakes. My apologies in advance if there are. I don’t have an exact count yet, but there are orders for at least 125 calendars!

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Captain Dr. Kramer

Posted by laurie on November 12, 2010

The hospital had a Veterans Day ceremony yesterday, and because Phillip is now trés svelte he wore his Air Force flight suit for it! This is what he used to wear while co-piloting those large B-52s. Doesn’t he look handsome?

The calendar will go to Ron to print on Monday. Here’s your last call to put in your beagle’s birthday. It’s not the payment cutoff, though, so don’t worry if your checks are late.

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