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The original

Posted by laurie on June 28, 2013


We are very happy to have our friends Bob and Rita here for a long weekend. It’s been too long! You may remember Bob because he is the “original” Uncle Bob. Not to detract from the other Uncle Bob because you can have more than one Uncle Bob. He and Phillip are going to replace the ugly sliding glass door in Phillip’s office with a wall with a window in it. Rita and I are going to just hang out, maybe do some shopping. Phillip got home late last night and woke me to say that he couldn’t find Sherman anywhere. I got up and saw the guest room door open and there, of course, was Sherman snuggling up to Rita.

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Open for discussion: June 27

Posted by laurie on June 27, 2013


Both of these are from 13 years ago. My oh my, do we look young! Notice Clayton’s tail wag in the top photo.


So THAT’S what color my hair used to be. Son of a gun!

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Septic day, part 2

Posted by laurie on June 26, 2013


A teeny bit deeper, don’t you think?


Here, let me help. Could you please move a little?


I see Las Vegas! Hellooooooooooooo!



(Thanks to Phillip for taking all these photos.)

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Open for discussion: June 25

Posted by laurie on June 25, 2013


If I remember correctly, the actual culprit was that beagle in the back pretending to sleep.

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Septic day, part 1

Posted by laurie on June 24, 2013


Oh joyful day! It’s the biennial pumping of the septic tank! What could possibly be better? ┬áLet’s go!


The fragrance….exquisite!


I surrender to the aroma! ┬áMakes me want to roll, even though there’s nothing on the grass!


Me, too!

(to be continued)

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Posted by laurie on June 21, 2013


I wonder how many plate-licking DDs there have been in the past 12 years.


Be sure to add 1. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Open for discussion: June 20

Posted by laurie on June 20, 2013


I’d say this speaks for itself.

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Don’t leave

Posted by laurie on June 19, 2013


I know you’ve seen this before. You take the trash out and are watched by these poor suffering eyes. And when you come back in you are greeted with tail wags and an occasional jump up. I wonder what they think.

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May I have a bite?

Posted by laurie on June 18, 2013


When I was a small kid we had a table in the living room with a drawer that contained all of our photos. It was a small drawer and I doubt we had more than 100 photos. (We also had super-8 videos.) How times have changed: I might take 100 photos in a week. Anyway, I have been going through my old photos in search of these priceless Clayton/Spenser/Scooter shots, and was kind of stunned to see how young Phillip and I looked 15 years ago. I was still in my 30s! I had dark hair and Phillip had hair. Kind of scary, huh?

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Posted by laurie on June 17, 2013


Pool party? I wish. No, Phillip’s latest project is making itty bitty sun decks for the turtles in our pond. He sawed thin slices from one of the trees that came down and attached styrofoam to the bottom so they’ll float. Two out of three from his first attempt sank. Not enough styrofoam. So Phillip brought home these pool noodles to use instead. The boys were afraid of them.


He took the noodles and his drill out in our neighbors’ rowboat, retrieved the ones that sank and attached the noodles around their circumference.


Build it and they will come!

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