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Definitely NOT the Taj Ma Patio

Posted by laurie on June 30, 2010

Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy came over last weekend. Bob had rotisseried a turkey breast all day and made a sweet and spicy sauce to go with it. Yum. Bob is not only a masterful tummy rubber, he’s an exceptional cook as well.

The table had to be guarded as food was ferried to and fro. To the boys the picnic table is just one more piece of jungle gym equipment.

Beagles don’t like Coke! Who knew?

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Where’s the clicker?

Posted by laurie on June 29, 2010

World Cup action? Hardly. More like Mythbusters or Survivorman. Or the History Channel.

So, with regard to questions posed yesterday in the comments I honestly don’t think Stanley has a urinary tract infection, nor is this a lapse of his housebreaking skills, which have been perfect as of late. I am pretty confident that it’s a dominance thing over Sherman, because Stan most likely peed on the bed when Sherman was there. (After Spenser arrived, Clayton peed on the bed a couple of times, too.) So we are teaching him that the bed isn’t his. He’s slept in his crate the last few nights and is not allowed on the bed at all. He does fine in the crate. Sometimes he howls but only for a minute or two and then he settles right in. Oh, and notice who’s in Sherman’s spot? Stanley has been up there quite a lot lately. Hmmmm.

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Laundry day

Posted by laurie on June 28, 2010

Or should I say laundry WEEKEND, because that’s how long it took to wash and dry one quilt, two blankets, four sheets, the mattress pad. and the mattress itself (twice). All because a certain dog whose name starts with an “S” peed on the bed both Friday AND Saturday. And he didn’t just mark, he PEED all the way through to the mattress. (The SpotBot did a terrific job on the mattress.)

A certain dog is sleeping in his lavishly appointed crate this week.

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He did this all by himself!

Posted by laurie on June 25, 2010

Congratulations to PeggyM, winner of this week’s caption contest for:

“If not for the courage of the fearless crew/ The Minnow would be lost”.

Harper is the runner up for:

“Stanley as “Still Life with Cheerio”.

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Only $4 at Marshalls

Posted by laurie on June 24, 2010

I bought Stanley a new toy the other day. Four squeakers!

Sherman will occasionally play a tug-a-war with Stan, but for the most part he is indifferent to toys.

Except when they’re new, in which case he must claim ownership.

Stan won’t steal it, but he does give his best effort by standing over Sherm.

To be continued…

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Enjoying the Taj Ma Patio

Posted by laurie on June 23, 2010

It’s amazing how a nice patio can lure you outside to sit for awhile after dinner and before the Council meeting. We’ve decided, however, that our cheap Adirondack chairs are not only ugly but uncomfortable and it’s time to replace them. Probably not until after the summer, to take advantage of the sales. Ideas are welcome!

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Return of Uncle Bob

Posted by laurie on June 22, 2010

You should see the greeting that Uncle Bob gets when he comes over. If he doesn’t have treats in his pockets he heads directly to the treat cabinet after disentangling himself from the boys.

I should point out that this is actually Uncle Bob #2. Uncle Bob #1 lives on Cape Cod and has met Sherman, but not Stanley. Yet.

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Mistaken identity

Posted by laurie on June 21, 2010

Phillip tries to mold his small beagle into a sharpei.

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Clean and jerk

Posted by laurie on June 18, 2010

Congratulations to Hunka Beagle Love for On the next exciting episode of Dancing with the Councilmen….

The runner-up is ChristyACB for “Yeah, Baby, keep on lookin’. I’m gettin’ my beach bod on.” -Sherminator.

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Next stop, the circus

Posted by laurie on June 17, 2010

Every so often Phillip will shout out, “Daily Digital!” which sends me running for the camera. I don’t always arrive in time but this one was EASY!

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