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Posted by laurie on July 23, 2010

Phillip was kind enough to remove the ladder and dead branches from the front yard. Just in time for the tractor to take their place! It arrived last Saturday and with lawn mowing on hold due to the drought, I imagine it’ll be there for awhile.

Look, there’s the ladder! Resting nicely against the snow blower. Are we expecting a cold front? I hope so!

Congrtatulations to Buddy M., winner of this week’s caption contest for:

Shortly after the arrival of Captain Siding’s evil twin, Major Disaster, the Taj Ma-patio turns into Tobacco Road.

And the runner-up is Tom for:

Gather round guys, it’s time for “One Life to Live”

35 Responses to “Heaven”

  1. Buttercup & Tootsie said

    Coming to FOX this fall, an exciting new series…American Idol: Search for the Sexiest Handyman! (please check local listings)

    • Brandy & Hammy's Mom said

      That’s GREAT! sorry, couldn’t resist 🙂

    • Phil said

      I miss read it. I thought it said “Coming to FOX this fall, an exciting new series…American Idiot: Search for the Sexiest Handyman! (please check local listings)”. That would be funnier.

      • Buttercup & Tootsie said

        Dr. Kramer, I only refrained from using ‘Idiot” because the chainsaw was not yet engaged. Sincerely, Buttercup.

  2. Darlene Main said

    The boys leave the patio posthaste when they notice someone wearing black socks and sandals…even a no-no in the beagleworld!

  3. Martha M said

    The OSHA inspectors find several safety/fashion violations as they check out Bubba’s place.

  4. Patr said

    Lawncare for dummies poster for how NOT to prepare.

    The photo cracks me up. The tv on top of the gas can????!?!? I’m rolling. Thanks for starting my Friday off right with something so wrong.

  5. Deb said

    Sherm: Who does he think he is? I was looking forward to watching the Squirrel Network this afternoon!
    Stan: Me too! Maybe we should get out of here before something blows up.

  6. Spunky's Mom said

    ….and you thought “jerseylicious” could only be found at the Shore…

  7. Bobbie (Casey & Dexter's mom) said

    Ah the good life, power tools, Tv, and a cold beer.

  8. Cathy said

    Phil’s ready now: DIY Topiary special on TV, plus the beagle model.

  9. Harper said

    Love it!

    • Harper said

      The “love it” reply was for the OSHA comment!

      Now, my caption submittal:

      “After Phil removes the ladder from the front yard and adds a tractor, he peruses the HSN to located the perfect beat up old truck he can put on blocks in the front yard.”

  10. Lynne said

    Hey we’re getting out of here before that thing blows. Hope you do too.

  11. Kim Jackson said

    Phillip thought bubble “Got all this out here for a DD photo op! Great way to avoid the chores for a little bit longer. Click away sweetie! I will just sit here and veg for a bit.”

  12. FannieMae's Mom said

    ok – there is soooooo much going on in that 3rd photo! Great to start the day with a good laugh!

  13. Bailey n Gypsy's Dad said

    There’s a Darwin award somewhere in that last photo….maybe more than one….
    (good taste in chainsaws!)

  14. David said

    And the “Everything But the Kitchen Sink” award goes to………

  15. Boomer & Notch's Mom said

    Sherman: “Stanley, did you know we are rednecks?” Stanley: “I wondered why Jeff Foxworthy kept stopping by. We’ve been giving him new material.”

    – a note from Boomer, a Carolina girl: “I tried to get her not to type it. I really did.”

  16. Samantha said

    We are leaving before that blows up. Hope our people do too.

  17. cate said

    just walk past and he wont notice we cut the cords… haha no tv he will flip and the scraps are free game

    28 days till the puppy comes home!!!!!!!

  18. Scott said

    I reckon you’re right Sherm. Another case of PTMDWSD. Post Traumatic Mountain Dew Withdrawal Stress Disorder.

  19. 1-0-1 said

    Poster boy for Home Depot

  20. Buddy M. said

    Shortly after the arrival of Captain Siding’s evil twin, Major Disaster, the Taj Ma-patio turns into Tobacco Road.

    • Donna & Oscar said

      This is my favorite. I use to listen to Johnny & Edgar Winter Singing Tobacco Road in my teenage years. Captain Siding you’d make ole Johnny proud.

    • Susan in DE said

      Bwaaa-haa-haa-haa!!! This is my favorite … Captain Siding’s evil twin is Major Disaster … that’s priceless! :->

  21. Debbie said

    Arkansas comes to New Jersey

  22. Karen S. said

    Why does Daddy look so happy when his toys don’t even have squeakers?

  23. Rebecca said

    While Dad rests between jobs, the boys go off to find another hiding place after being found in the wagon….

  24. Hunka Beagle Love said

    Um….Stanley? Do you hear banjo music?

  25. Anne said

    The taj-ma-patio is now the man-cave!

  26. Tom said

    Gather round guys its time for “One life to live”

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