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Scout ~and~ Phoebe & Nathaniel

Posted by laurie on November 13, 2012

Scott writes:

Scout was a rescue at 1 yr old, he’s now 12 yrs old, 30 lbs. . A true beaglemutt. Nose to ground, eats anything (and I mean anything…yuck!), steals pillows, and those sad “I want some of that food” clown eyes. First day I had him we went to a school yard to run. Within five minutes he had a baby rabbit in his mouth. I freaked. Black dots on muzzle (near nose) are result of hair not growing back after a snake bite caused massive swelling, blistering, oozing. Not pretty.

Jacqui writes:

We rescued Phoebe (blue tic) about four years ago and her brother, Nathaniel (tri-color), two years later. They are inseparable.

However, two adults with bad backs, knees and hips, two beagles and one queen bed poses challenges and sleepless nights. But the kids love being with us and we like them with us. They are our perpetual toddlers.

Because we both work and the dogs are crated during the day (they are all beagle and they share the middle name “Mischief”) crating at night was out of the question for me if they were not in bed with us.

I had the crazy idea of getting our beagle toddlers a used crib, comfy pillows and blankets, and having them sleep not in the bed with us, but right next to it.

All we got to say is “nighty, night” and they know it is time to run to the bedroom and their special bed. They are tucked in, given bedtime treats and hunker down for a good night sleep after three turns around and a little scratching.

Much like two legged children, they stand at the crib rails wagging and yipping the next morning ready to start their day. After potty and breakfast, they do get in bed for some mommy and daddy loving.

Everyone sleeps well! And no beagles sleep like these two. It is an art form.

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