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Too bad there’s not an app for this

Posted by laurie on November 19, 2012

My birthday is this week and last week I did my annual birthday swim: 100 yards X my age = 212 laps (3 miles). It was a cakewalk compared to our yard work this weekend. “Oh my aching back!” We spent a good part of each day (Phillip more than I) picking up branches and bringing them down to the road in both this small tractor trailer, and Phillip’s large car trailer. The town is going to pick them up. I unloaded maybe a third of this pile.

And Phillip did this entire one himself. He’d drive the car with the trailer into the wooded part of the yard. Very soon after, Stanley (and sometimes Sherman) would get in the backseat and wait the forty-five or so minutes it took to collect and load the trailer. So cute! They didn’t want to miss a road (or yard) trip. They’d ride down to the road and wait while he unloaded. Stanley had to bark at all cars and everyone who was walking along the canal. Sherman napped.

I envy Sherman’s ability to nap anywhere. Home or away!

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