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Too bad there’s not an app for this

Posted by laurie on November 19, 2012

My birthday is this week and last week I did my annual birthday swim: 100 yards X my age = 212 laps (3 miles). It was a cakewalk compared to our yard work this weekend. “Oh my aching back!” We spent a good part of each day (Phillip more than I) picking up branches and bringing them down to the road in both this small tractor trailer, and Phillip’s large car trailer. The town is going to pick them up. I unloaded maybe a third of this pile.

And Phillip did this entire one himself. He’d drive the car with the trailer into the wooded part of the yard. Very soon after, Stanley (and sometimes Sherman) would get in the backseat and wait the forty-five or so minutes it took to collect and load the trailer. So cute! They didn’t want to miss a road (or yard) trip. They’d ride down to the road and wait while he unloaded. Stanley had to bark at all cars and everyone who was walking along the canal. Sherman napped.

I envy Sherman’s ability to nap anywhere. Home or away!

14 Responses to “Too bad there’s not an app for this”

  1. Linda UK said

    That is some clear up, Laurie – you must both have aching backs with a vengeance!
    I absolutely love the pic of Sherman napping, he looks so cosy 🙂

  2. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Happy birthday, Laurie! It’s wonderful that you keep yourself in such great shape.

    I love the picture of Shermie napping in the leaves. Stanley’s behavior is like Cody and Henry’s – bark at anyone or anything going by!

  3. harperlea said

    Sherm is such a doll!
    Congratulations, Laurie, on your annual birthday swim!
    Our pups are also like Stan, always on alert to protect … EXCEPT Quincy who doesn’t hear so well, and Shotzy the German Shepard, who is more particular in her barking… Shotzy of the four is the better watchdog 🙂

  4. kim Jackson said

    That is a calendar picture if I ever saw one… cute all curled up! OH…HBD!!!

  5. Amy~Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    Happy Birthday Laurie! I adore the picture of Sherm curled up.

  6. Karen S. said

    Happy birthday!

  7. Marci said

    Happy Birthday! And I, like the rest, LOVE the pic of Sherm! To me there’s nothing cuter than a sleeping beagle:)

  8. Cathy, Gomez, Lily & Mr. Peabz said

    Happy Birthday Laurie! That’s a whole lotta brush – makes my back hurt just thinking about all that work!

  9. Happy Birthday. I thought of you ehen i went to the used bookstore when I was visiting my parents and tried to find 11/22/63 but its not out yet in paperback.

  10. Julie - JB & Cassie's Mum in England said

    Happy Birthday Laurie! Great picture of Sherman – Cassie made a nest like that earlier this year when we went to see a steam railway engine whilst on holiday. She got fed up of waiting and made herself a nest in one of the flower beds alongside the station!!! The other spectators thought it was great and a few took a photograph of her!

  11. Gunner and Bailey's mom Anne said

    Happy Birthday, that is a great swim! You are amazing to do all those 100s. wow. Sherman is soo cute, all curled up! Do they love running and sniffing the leaves? Mine go crazy in the fall and dive into all the piles they see in the neighbourhood looking for a leaf with bird poop I guess, who knows.

  12. Karen S. said

    I could sure use a cart like that to take all my wood and brush to the dump (they compost everything and give away the compost!) May I ask how much those carts cost? Can they be rented?

  13. Therese Rasnick Beaglemom said

    Sweet photo of Sherman!!!!

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