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Friday report

Posted by laurie on November 2, 2012

This was all the damage to the house! On the night of the hurricane we heard awful sounds coming from the roof and feared that a solar panel or two were rolling around. Turns out it only this piece of flashing!

We use the generator for only about four or five hours a day, but Phillip feared we might still get low on gas. (There are still wires down on our road so we’re not getting power anytime soon.) This was at one of the less than handful of gas stations open in the area. I got in the “can line” with two 5 gallon cans. It took less than half an hour to go through the line, whereas the “car line” was a two hour wait. Several smart people were filling their cars ups with repeated trips to the can line. I paid my $40 and attempted to pick them up. I could barely lift one. I knew this would happen so I asked the crowd if anyone wanted $10 to carry my cans back to the car. I immediately had a volunteer. People are so nice!

Uncle Bob and Aunt Nancy got their power back last night. Usually they are the absolute last house to get power, but had some nice luck yesterday.

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