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Posted by laurie on September 12, 2012

Phillip has not one but two iPads. One he bought, and the other is on full-time loan from the Township for Township business only. Last night at about 6:45 as I was driving home from my third coughing appointment he called to tell me he brought the wrong iPad to the Council meeting and could I please bring the other one. Of course; who am I to impede politics? I made it a mini road trip for the boys. Stanley found a cough drop (wrapper and all) and proceeded to chew it and immediately spit it out. Add cough drops to lettuce as things Stanley won’t eat. I left them in the car and as I walked into the Municipal Building I could hear Stan howling out the window. Too cute. My cough is definitely improved and I’m on a second course of antibiotics so hopefully it will be completely over soon.

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