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Archive for September 18th, 2012

Henry and Ralphie

Posted by laurie on September 18, 2012

Luana writes:
Last year I bought pirate hats (at PetSmart for half price two days before Halloween!), hoping the boys would pose long enough for me to get some decent pictures. Cody, of course, had the hat off and was chewing the daylights out of it five seconds after I put it on him. Henry, however, was more cooperative. I got this shot of him as he was trying to crawl into my lap and attempting to understand what that thing was that I put on his head. I think he wore it another minute or two before he followed Cody’s example.

Cece writes:
Our beagle, Ralphie, has a Mr. Fox, too. He was 11 on Sept. 11 and nothing makes me happier than to see him play. He and his German Shepherd sister, Roxi, have a few playing bursts a day. Just wanted to share a funny picture I caught of Ralphie with his Mr. Fox. There is also one of Ralphie’s human brother, Todd, trying to snag Mr. Fox. He didn’t get it, by the way. HAHA Ralphie loves to grab toys and run under the kitchen or dining room tables because Roxi can’t fit under them. Thank you for all of the smiles and awwww’s over the years.

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