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Camp report #3 (and 5th metatarsal)

Posted by laurie on September 28, 2012

See! I told you Holly was pretty! She is a sweetheart, too, they both are.

After breakfast and again after dinner yesterday the three boys (plus Holly in the PM) chased and humped and had big drinks of water for almost an hour. Quite a commotion! I watched in all from the couch because, unfortunately, I broke my left foot on Wednesday morning. I was running on the canal when I stumbled and landed on the side of my foot. Interestingly, I did the very same thing exactly thirty years ago. You’d think I’d learn. No cast, but it is elevated for the short term and they gave me one of those boots so I’ll be able to walk.

I finished a wonderful mother/daughter novel called Amy and Isabelle, by Elizabeth Strout, and am now reading her recent book, Olive Kitteridge. Oh, and while I’m making recommendations: pistachio encrusted chicken breasts. Food process the pistachios: it’s fantastic.

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