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Oscar and Spencer ~and~ Princess and Milo

Posted by laurie on September 27, 2012

Donna writes:

Oscar, on the left, and Spencer, on the right

This shows their personalities perfectly.

Oscar, long and lanky, seriously intent on the food in my hand. He is obsessed with The Ball and we have to hide it from him after he works himself up in a frenzy. He sits with his hind legs straight out (which you can kind of see in this picture) and if he is on a smooth surface he just slips down on his face. I’ve never seen a dog sit like that, I call him Super Freak.

Spencer, shorter and built like a tank being is just an affectionate goof ball. Happy to be with us no matter where. Just follows me from room to room and lays under my desk in my home office while I work. He is obsessed with paper and will eat paper towels all day long if I let him. We’ve had to move all the paper waste baskets on top of the desks. I call him The Velcro Dog.

Carolyn writes:

Here is a picture of my beloved kids Princess (on the left) and Milo (on the right) who passed away recently. Princess (13 years old) who had liver cancer and Milo (14 years old) who had bladder cancer. I missed them so much and love them so dearly. Now we have four kids (beagles) all rescue dogs who we love all of them very much. Starting from the left – Peanut – 3 years old, Snoopy – 8 years old, Bella – 4 years old and Odie 7years old. (Oops! Coming on Tuesday — Laurie)

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